December 7, 2009

Birthday treat !!!!

Posted in 1 at 12:34 pm by Grim Reaper

Well this post is about my friend’s birthday BASH. well that would be an exaggeration (to be honest) .  It was a simple Birthday party at a famous food court . (Nope no more details). But it was great. The best part was we friends gathered together after a really long time.  Well some of us met after really long time. They were busy with themselves. We. ll who cares , we really had a great time

We began with sharing experiences, laughing about each other past mistakes. Things we all used to do (with cakes and food gobbling in frequent intervals)

What’s up next and everything and every stuff we can think about at that time we talked

In the end it was time to leave . So went up again for the roads we were on. Smiling as always. Awaiting another encounter

So much to share , so much to talk about , so much to laugh about and the best  so much to eat hehehehehehehehe

This is me signing out for a snack.

Well hope you would also have some experience like this. do mind to share it or have a blog post about it , I would be glad to read

You know where to write (In the comments section dude)

Leaving now Asta La Vista


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