January 9, 2010

10th Auto Expo was just off the hook

Posted in 1 at 1:57 pm by Grim Reaper

Hi today I went to 10th Auto Expo being held at Pragti Maidan , Delhi

What an expo!!!!!!!!!! Just fun , the excitement to see new cars , the new design , the interiors the looks

Just one Word……………….Smokinnnnnnnnnnnnn

It is the right place to hang around ,get clicked with posing around the sexiest cars you might ever own or those who don’t see the fun in looking at the new cars could go to see the models with those cars and bikes. (They too were sexy but bikes had an aura of their own or I should say sexiness of their own)

Well its just like being “Alice in Wonderland” with those sexy bikes and cars around you, you just wish to stay there forever. (That’s a little exaggeration, fine , leave that)

But tell me seriously have you never had the craze for seeing the new thing that is yet to come or a bike that you catch a sight of and feel “This is what I had been waiting for”

Come on man!!!

Well coming to the AUTO EXPO now


Well, first what were the new cars there

1. Maruti Suzuki Kazashi

2. Maruti Suzuki RIII Concept Car

3. Hyundai  “I-10” electric version

4. Hyundai I-node , so sexyyyyyyyyy

5. Chevrolet Beat

6. Skoda YETI (This was coollll)

7. Skoadi Super Combi (if I remember correctly)

8. Tata ARIA

9. Tata Manza (looked good)

and the best of all

10.  Harley Davidsonnnnnnnnnnnn

Yes this time Harley Davidson was there in Auto Expo, what a stunning beauty and price Rs 35 lakhs ( I know really costly but they said it had a custom duty of 105 %). Hey custom guys if you listening shame on you man!! Harley Davidson in India and you charge them with 105 % duty. I went there just for Harley Davidson

Not good . Sad . I know

One more thing if you go there do visit Hero Honda’s Hall, they got the sexiest and most ravishing display. The display of Karizma ZMR was the best display in the whole AUTO EXPO. What they did they had a multi sprinkler system with nozzles joined together. Water jetted out in pattersn forming words, designs , just fab. See it to believe it.

But Auto Expo did let me down for two things

1. Price Rs 200/- Man you crazy , give some student discount dude, (but it was worth it, you don’t get to see these things often)

2. So much walking around (aaaaaaahhhh my feets still hurts :X Gosh)

Well, that was it Thinking of uploading some pics.

Will do it when will get time

Right now HASTA LA VISTA . I need a coffee and a pedicure. [:D] [: D]


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