February 4, 2010

Romance with Chaos – A book Review

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Romance with Chaos

a novel written by Nishant Kaushik and is his 2nd novel I believe. After reading through pages it left me thinking. On the back summary he says

“If you think this is your story, read on and you will find yourself in it. It’s not your story, read anyway for it will be your story sooner or later…!”

is just apt to pick this one . It talks about Nakul Kapoor, an MBA working in a software company where he is in a situation quiet similar to persons of his age (a wrong job ,underpaid, a demanding girlfriend, family stressing on marriage, a devilish boss, a strange room-mate e.t.c. ). Well that’s just the backdrop of the story. Though the story feels a little slow with frequent doses of humor but signifies the monotony of his life

In the midst of monotony he encounters some sketches by a girl next door Payal, which have captured his life story in pictures which make him connected to these sketches. This part was quiet romanticizing and was the start of a change for Nakul. These do give the inkling of something chaotic which is to happen and it does, with his more hatred towards job and betrayal from a friend, he now has the worst and things are now up for change. This sets the stage for best of which is to come. Now he tries to change things around him by first taking revenge and then finding the most awaited element ‘X’. At this point, one has both admiration and sympathy for the protagonist. The book ends with Nakul stating one of the crux of the story in his speeches leaving me heartfelt and making the book one of the most enjoyable read.

If you are one of those who like to read books for the best literature , this might not be your cup of tea but it surely is an enjoyable and memorable (the word for me) read. Pick it up and give it a try, I am sure it won’t be a disappointing experience. Also its just 95 bugs (what were you expecting free, ha ha ha)

Lastly I would want to say the best quote i like was which just kicked me in the gut and made me think is “”

” I guess sometimes you laugh at others dreams simply because you have forgotten how to dream yourself”


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