May 27, 2010

Back to Basics

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:24 pm by Grim Reaper

Ahh…. if you have read my previous post you would be thinking…. where the hell has he been?

Well … to be frankly honest … though i am a tech-savvy person. But i am also a really LAZY guy and so after a month or two I am writing this post.

I am still not clear Why I am writing this post , but I feel, I should. So what about todays post.

As I am writing after a really long time I think I am back to square one….

Lets see, what should I write… Confused………..

Ok, lets write about my Fascination with a programming language and my studies….

I had done a project mid summer 2009. It was regarding some embedded UI design using Motif (don’t worry won’t bore you with these things) but it was my first brush with industry work-out. I somehow learnt a lot as it changed my view (rather built one) regarding Company work, but the point is I not interested in Motif to continue (due to scarcity of resources) I choose Qt
Though one must consider the fact I am not a Qt evangelist but I somehow developed a fascination with it. It reminded me of Motif and had healthy tutorials and good documentation but I realized its not that easy. I had worked on C# but still, I felt C# no doubt is an easy language though but a complicated one.

Qt on the other hand is less complicated but not much easy. Moreover I feel the problem is that I was never taught the proper working techniques or should I say Industry working and standards especially I feel I lacked proper direction, but a is the way of life you have to find your own path. And as there’s the matrix saying “There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path”

Now about studies, as higher studies involve Mathematical logical and analysis questions which also involve some data crunching techniques I am truly resentful. Though its not boring but I somehow as I said lazy; I avoid it which I shouldn’t…

I think that’s enough for today…. really lazy na… But , bye for now…..


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