June 23, 2010

Advice…..Think again!!!

Posted in Random Thoughts at 3:25 pm by Grim Reaper

This article might sound a little harsh or blunt or little pessimistic(if one might find) but the only thing I feel about it is…… ITS TRUE .

The main thought or theme which I want to share is

“Do not take or give advice until necessary and asked for”

I think that’s what I wanted to say and it can’t be said in much simpler and few words. To the wise men, the statement itself is contradictory advice and an irony in its own terms….(some might have got the joke)

But Coming to the another imprtant point… why??

You need not give advice until asked because it makes you a moron or a person who just blabbers just for the sake of telling when no one is interested in listening. Second, you might not feel good if after giving your advice, the person does exactly the opposite or ignores you or replies back on your face –“Had I asked for it?” making your face go sullen or course with anger or annoyance. But you are not in a position to understand that you just hurt yourself

This can also be interpreted as one of the meanings of the old saying “Silence is Golden”

Whom should I depend on when in need then?

I am not saying you shouldnt ask for advice at all…. Best Person according to me for advice would be non other than your own EXPERIENCE

No one knows you better than you yourself, just ask your experience and he will tell you what you needed to know

Wrapping it all up…. I wrote this article cause I am addicted(a little exaggeration as I speak quiet less) to tell people what I know and in order to improve myself and shun this habit, I am blogging this thought down so that I heed to my own advice and remember the red words above


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