July 9, 2010

Importance of the last day

Posted in Random Thoughts tagged , , , , at 9:53 am by Grim Reaper

Today is my last day of life (Just Kidding, yaar)

The thing is today is my last day of training. Though, initially I was apprehensive at joining but now one feels some part is going to be left behind. Something like its too early. Something like its just……. a feeling of incompleteness, but one must realize its not the end of the world.

Also one must think if something doesn’t end, other might not start. Its time to be happy for the new start… A new beginning… A beginning with an experience… A beginning with fulfillment and most importantly…. a new journey… awaiting you for a long time ; and now its first step has begun….

The complicated feeling will be there whether to accept the new reality or hold on to the past….. But one must remember… the future awaits you …. 1.learn from the past 2. accept the present 3. future is on his way

I would lastly end on the note The journey till here has been good and hope the future won’t be disappointing

chao (not today) just, will meet again sometime


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