July 19, 2010

Inception: You just can’t afford to miss this one

Posted in Uncategorized at 2:52 pm by Grim Reaper

I watched Inception today and I have only one thing to say…….. Nothing is Impossible. I had great praise for Christopher Nolan and his movies and he proved again his celebral supremacy (hope that, it measn what I wish to convey)

The cinematic experience in itself leaves you in awe. Be it the flipping of Paris, the fight sequence in free space created in corridor, slow motion effects etc. Brilliantly performed and brought to screen. If you can do something like this then I can only say “Nothing is Impossible” You just need to dream it.

The movie was full of overdoses of Cinematography and Intricate and complex sequences , but Nolan pushed it too well that if someone other than Nolan would have attempted it; it would just be a disaster if nothing consequence.

Now coming to plot . Just when you think  , entering the mind and stealing secrets was in itself an incomprehensible and indigestible, wait till the idea of Implanting a thought in the mind surfaces. The  complexity of dreams inside dreams, Memories disturbing dreams and effects of reality mixed with dreams definitely hints at simply put “Think Big and out of the Box”.

This type of cinema is something not for a con man but for a man who can really admire and one who have the art for reading between the lines

In the end I would only say I am going again to watch this masterpiece cause its more than the worth of your under-priced ticket….. 😀


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