October 2, 2010

Love is Circumstantial

Posted in Circumstantial Love, Random Thoughts tagged , , , at 5:14 pm by Grim Reaper

I was wondering how can one define love, specifically its nature…

Why is it so different for everyone… I read novels, watched movies, heard stories e.t.c. but every time its so unique and individual… Is it defined by perspective or is it define by circumstance….  (I somehow consider these as major factors and not personality… )

Is it too abstract … or is it too complicated… Though I find it ironical to use a word like complicated with an intangible object… but still it eludes me…

One thing I fear to understand . Does love bring out your other emotional side … or is it just an obligation for patience, as a virtue, to bring it out… Somehow i fear it does but to different extents.

Is love a byproduct of our social yearning for adaptability and acceptance ? Or is the opposite, like a seed for social acceptance ?

Nonetheless, I fell its too momentary and descriptive of the then present circumstance which decides and sets the future circumstances in motion.

Its like the theory that propose that our one action in present has an exponential effect in future?