April 11, 2010

The Troth (Gadya Kosh eralier)

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Gadya Kosh.

Lovely site for stories

and if you haven’t read Usne Kaha tha

go on read it and I bet you hvent read something like it in ages



April 6, 2010

A thought to chew upon…

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A strange thing came across me

How does one laugh when he is just about to cry?????

March 1, 2010

my best holi bash

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today i had the most bawaal holi ever

got drunk

danced and danced

new dance inventions


best ever holi

still drunk will complete later


February 4, 2010

Romance with Chaos – A book Review

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Romance with Chaos

a novel written by Nishant Kaushik and is his 2nd novel I believe. After reading through pages it left me thinking. On the back summary he says

“If you think this is your story, read on and you will find yourself in it. It’s not your story, read anyway for it will be your story sooner or later…!”

is just apt to pick this one . It talks about Nakul Kapoor, an MBA working in a software company where he is in a situation quiet similar to persons of his age (a wrong job ,underpaid, a demanding girlfriend, family stressing on marriage, a devilish boss, a strange room-mate e.t.c. ). Well that’s just the backdrop of the story. Though the story feels a little slow with frequent doses of humor but signifies the monotony of his life

In the midst of monotony he encounters some sketches by a girl next door Payal, which have captured his life story in pictures which make him connected to these sketches. This part was quiet romanticizing and was the start of a change for Nakul. These do give the inkling of something chaotic which is to happen and it does, with his more hatred towards job and betrayal from a friend, he now has the worst and things are now up for change. This sets the stage for best of which is to come. Now he tries to change things around him by first taking revenge and then finding the most awaited element ‘X’. At this point, one has both admiration and sympathy for the protagonist. The book ends with Nakul stating one of the crux of the story in his speeches leaving me heartfelt and making the book one of the most enjoyable read.

If you are one of those who like to read books for the best literature , this might not be your cup of tea but it surely is an enjoyable and memorable (the word for me) read. Pick it up and give it a try, I am sure it won’t be a disappointing experience. Also its just 95 bugs (what were you expecting free, ha ha ha)

Lastly I would want to say the best quote i like was which just kicked me in the gut and made me think is “”

” I guess sometimes you laugh at others dreams simply because you have forgotten how to dream yourself”

January 9, 2010

10th Auto Expo was just off the hook

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Hi today I went to 10th Auto Expo being held at Pragti Maidan , Delhi

What an expo!!!!!!!!!! Just fun , the excitement to see new cars , the new design , the interiors the looks

Just one Word……………….Smokinnnnnnnnnnnnn

It is the right place to hang around ,get clicked with posing around the sexiest cars you might ever own or those who don’t see the fun in looking at the new cars could go to see the models with those cars and bikes. (They too were sexy but bikes had an aura of their own or I should say sexiness of their own)

Well its just like being “Alice in Wonderland” with those sexy bikes and cars around you, you just wish to stay there forever. (That’s a little exaggeration, fine , leave that)

But tell me seriously have you never had the craze for seeing the new thing that is yet to come or a bike that you catch a sight of and feel “This is what I had been waiting for”

Come on man!!!

Well coming to the AUTO EXPO now


Well, first what were the new cars there

1. Maruti Suzuki Kazashi

2. Maruti Suzuki RIII Concept Car

3. Hyundai  “I-10” electric version

4. Hyundai I-node , so sexyyyyyyyyy

5. Chevrolet Beat

6. Skoda YETI (This was coollll)

7. Skoadi Super Combi (if I remember correctly)

8. Tata ARIA

9. Tata Manza (looked good)

and the best of all

10.  Harley Davidsonnnnnnnnnnnn

Yes this time Harley Davidson was there in Auto Expo, what a stunning beauty and price Rs 35 lakhs ( I know really costly but they said it had a custom duty of 105 %). Hey custom guys if you listening shame on you man!! Harley Davidson in India and you charge them with 105 % duty. I went there just for Harley Davidson

Not good . Sad . I know

One more thing if you go there do visit Hero Honda’s Hall, they got the sexiest and most ravishing display. The display of Karizma ZMR was the best display in the whole AUTO EXPO. What they did they had a multi sprinkler system with nozzles joined together. Water jetted out in pattersn forming words, designs , just fab. See it to believe it.

But Auto Expo did let me down for two things

1. Price Rs 200/- Man you crazy , give some student discount dude, (but it was worth it, you don’t get to see these things often)

2. So much walking around (aaaaaaahhhh my feets still hurts :X Gosh)

Well, that was it Thinking of uploading some pics.

Will do it when will get time

Right now HASTA LA VISTA . I need a coffee and a pedicure. [:D] [: D]

January 5, 2010

Dil To Bachcha Hai

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Enjoy the mood of the song, read the lyrics. Just fab . Leaves me speechless

Aisi ulji nazar unse hatt ti nahi

Daant se reshmi dor katt ti nahi

Umar kab ki baras ke safaid ho gayi

Kaari badari jawani ki chatt ti nahi

Walla ye dhadkan bhadne lagi hai

Chehre ki rangat udne lagi hai

Darr lagta hai tanha sone mein ji

Dil to bachcha hai ji

Dil to bachcha hai ji

Thoda kaccha hai ji

Haan dil to baccha hai ji

Aisi ulji nazar unse hatt ti nahi

Daant se reshmi dor katt ti nahi

Umar kab ki baras ke safaid ho gayi

Kaari badari jawani ki chatt ti nahi

Ra ra ra ..

Kisko ptaa tha pehlu mein rakha

Dil aisa baaji bhi hoga

Hum to hamesha samajhte the koi

Hum jaisa haaji hi hoga

Hai zor karein, kitna shor karein

Bewaja baatein pe ainwe gaur karein

Dilsa koi kameena nahi

Koi to rokey, koi to tokey

Iss umar mein ab khaogey dhokhe

Darr lagta hai ishq karne mein ji

Dil to bachcha hai ji

Dil to bachcha hai ji

Thoda kaccha hai ji

Haan dil to baccha hai ji

Aisi udhaasi baithi hai dil pe

Hassne se ghabra rahe hain

Saari jawani katra ke kaati

Piri mein takra gaye hain

Dil dhadakta hai to aise lagta hai woh

Aa raha hai yahin dekhta hi na woh

Prem ki maarein kataar re

Taubah ye lamhe katt te nahi kyun

Aankhein se meri hatt te nahi kyun

Darr lagta hai mujhse kehne mein ji

Dil toh bachcha hai ji

Dil toh bachcha hai ji

Thoda kaccha hai ji

Haan dil toh baccha hai ji

Singer: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Music Director: Vishal Bhardwaj

Lyricist: “Gulzar” ( He’s the man)

Movie: Ishqiya

Gulzar’s lyrics are just too awesome, I just love this song

Gulzar could be the lyricist of decade . His songs are pure inspiration

December 10, 2009

Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps !!!

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Today’s post is about the famous Tv sitcom that aired some years back, names COUPLING (rings any bell). Well, some might consider it actually so disgusting that you would have to be a pervert to enjoy the jokes, but really the other kind would prefer to consider it as “Extraordinary”

Its fun to watch the episodes with those double meaning jokes and sharing a part of their “perverted” life ( which some may prefer enjoyable). The sitcom is about 6 friends and their sexual adventures which makes it more interesting and different at the same time.

I must say the jokes appear to be so subtle and so clever that one is left in complete awe and laughing out loud. And some quotes are almost unforgettable. The gamut of jokes and the deepness to which the writer can fathom is just speechless.

The six characters in the order I would rate are Jane,Jeff,Patrick,Sally,Steve and Susan
Some would argue Why not Jeff well both are too cute and almost share the same place but Jane is really off limit

My best quotes would be as below

Sally: What do you call people you go out with but don’t try to sleep with?
Patrick: Men.

Jane: I’m being stalked, actually, so I’m pretty secure in my attractiveness.
Susan: You’re being stalked?
Jane: Is that so hard to believe?
Sally: My god!
Jane: Everyday on my way home from work, a man follows me. It’s true.
Susan: Well, have you been to the police?
Jane: They said I was being silly and paranoid. I heard them laughing after I left.
Sally: That’s terrible!
Susan: Well, have you confronted the man who follows you?
Jane: Well, there’s no point, is there? It’s never the same man twice. Sometimes they switch over when I’m halfway home. It’s so well organized!

Jane: Do they really call me the one with the breasts?
Susan: Yes.
Jane: Then what do they call you?
Susan: Susan.

Jeff: I love the word naked, it’s brilliant isn’t it, ‘naked’. When I was a kid I used to write the word naked on a bit of paper hundreds of times and rub my face in it.

Susan: Some men were born lucky. Some men were born very lucky.
Sally: What was Patrick born?
Susan: A tripod.

Well time to leave but would say those who haven’t watched it till now, stop reading the blog and watch the episodes on the Net. That’s right. Apparently

December 7, 2009

Birthday treat !!!!

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Well this post is about my friend’s birthday BASH. well that would be an exaggeration (to be honest) .  It was a simple Birthday party at a famous food court . (Nope no more details). But it was great. The best part was we friends gathered together after a really long time.  Well some of us met after really long time. They were busy with themselves. We. ll who cares , we really had a great time

We began with sharing experiences, laughing about each other past mistakes. Things we all used to do (with cakes and food gobbling in frequent intervals)

What’s up next and everything and every stuff we can think about at that time we talked

In the end it was time to leave . So went up again for the roads we were on. Smiling as always. Awaiting another encounter

So much to share , so much to talk about , so much to laugh about and the best  so much to eat hehehehehehehehe

This is me signing out for a snack.

Well hope you would also have some experience like this. do mind to share it or have a blog post about it , I would be glad to read

You know where to write (In the comments section dude)

Leaving now Asta La Vista

November 14, 2009

The Saint and the Devil? Which one is me?

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The question might seem biased on a first glance but definitely is not so. Its a question about fate. Yes, its something that may determine my future course of action / my present actions and also present a window to my past course of action. Can I really judge who I am?

Can the world be divide in the Good and Bad sense?

Hmm, this i would touch when this article is done. Love to have a quarrel over it

Who is a saint?

Hmm, well frankly honest only seen in books or movies. But never met one. But really, someone if possibly close to a saint would also be undeniably someone with a high morale and principle. Someone who shall have the least ask for anything and to top them all he would be spiritual. He may be master of VEDAS/BIBLE/QURANS etc or may be not, but he would be one leading an example of life mentioned in thee books.He would be someone who have lived a life of tranquility and peace(a life everyone wishes without giving up their habits).

Quiet truly I am not even close to a saint. Neither I am on the path of a Saint. For me the life of saint is not just hard but so demanding

What about the Devil??

Will complete the rest soon…. do write in your views. The comment section is open below…

November 1, 2009

Why are you here?

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Are you asking that question? Really! Interesting

1. You might have accessed an article of this blog on google /bing or any other search engine

2. You needed the wordpress domain,

oops you are late its mine now

3. You read my earlier posts(considering you are reading this after i have written many posts) and like those. If tahts the reason ,welcome aboard .

4. You followed my link or from other source mentioning this blog. Then, hope you like it and hav



Dont bother about the small o in “oTHERS” and small i

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