November 14, 2009

The Saint and the Devil? Which one is me?

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The question might seem biased on a first glance but definitely is not so. Its a question about fate. Yes, its something that may determine my future course of action / my present actions and also present a window to my past course of action. Can I really judge who I am?

Can the world be divide in the Good and Bad sense?

Hmm, this i would touch when this article is done. Love to have a quarrel over it

Who is a saint?

Hmm, well frankly honest only seen in books or movies. But never met one. But really, someone if possibly close to a saint would also be undeniably someone with a high morale and principle. Someone who shall have the least ask for anything and to top them all he would be spiritual. He may be master of VEDAS/BIBLE/QURANS etc or may be not, but he would be one leading an example of life mentioned in thee books.He would be someone who have lived a life of tranquility and peace(a life everyone wishes without giving up their habits).

Quiet truly I am not even close to a saint. Neither I am on the path of a Saint. For me the life of saint is not just hard but so demanding

What about the Devil??

Will complete the rest soon…. do write in your views. The comment section is open below…